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My work is a reflection of my identity and how it manifests in this world. I am a Black American editorial and commercial photographer living and working in my native city, Miami, Florida. I was raised by a single mother who taught me to keep a firm grip on the wheel. The reality of being a young, black artist in America is the crowning energy of my brand’s development. My work over the past ten years mainly focuses on the modern day male experience and communicates the quest of self discovery, reflection, relationships, understanding one’s purpose, and giving voice to those who are often unheard. I create these moments with the intention to draw the audience in as a witness, create new and unpredictable thought cycles and patterns, and provide an opportunity to experimentally challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives, and assumptions.

My end-goal in the work I create is to pave an authentic path, highlighting the intricacies of man and emotion through storytelling. I like my audience to gain an understanding that we are all equal and not one person is in this journey alone. I feel my subject matter speaks most profoundly to those that, like me, rarely witness works that resemble them and resonate truth. I’ve come a long way and I acknowledge my privilege to illustrate a brighter future and feel a sense of responsibility to communicate my truth to those that follow me.

Selected editorial clients include Barron's, Billboard, Bloomberg Businessweek, BRICK, Complex, Dazed, FADER, Frank151, GQ, Hypebeast, i-D, Levi's, Mass Appeal, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Size (Hong Kong), SPIN, and XXL

Selected commercial clients include Adidas, Away, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Stray Rats, and Tumblr